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Reducing the Costs and Risks of

Workplace Stress

Employers have a duty to provide a safe system of work and as far as it is reasonably practical, to protect the health, safety and welfare of its employees. The Health and Safety Executive identified stress as one of its key priorities in programmes aimed at improving health at work. In a recent report,  An assessment of Employee Assistance Programmes and Counselling in British Organisations” (hse.gov.uk), the following conclusions were drawn - 
Recognising the costs and risks associated with workplace stress and the impact it has on productivity is a clear business and financial priority. Increasingly employees face longer hours, heavier workloads, personal and financial concerns and pressures of modern life. All these factors contribute to workplace stress and result in:
  • An increase in sickness absence.
  • Higher staff turnover.
  • An increase in operating costs.
  • A de-motivated workforce.
  • A rise in stress and psychologically related grievance claims.
Consequently, treating stress as a serious issue is not only good employment practice, it also complies with duty of care and Health and Safety regulations. Clarity’s “Milestones” concept of Stress Management in the Workplace. The “milestones” concept suggests that by being more prepared for events reduces their impact on an organisation or individual’s wellbeing. Also, the appropriate preparation reduces negative effects on life at home or work. 

Clarity works on the principle of a three stage approach: 

Awareness: Raising awareness of a forthcoming event or milestone is sometimes all that is required to minimize its’ impact. It also allows for more effective pre-event planning and preparation. 

Information: Providing relevant and targeted information helps individuals prepare and plan, enabling them to respond quickly and appropriately. Information is provided via briefings, training events, factsheets and internal or external internet resources. 

Support: Clarity provides research based expert consultancy, counselling, training and coaching support at every stage through its’ Employee Care Management programme.

Clarity in Mind can help with many issues involving crisis management, conflict resolution and mediation.

Please refer to our 'Employee Care Management' leaflet below that is available for you to download. 

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