A Positive Reinforcement Programme for Children & Young People of all ages. 

Mindmagic is a six one-hour session programme for all learners that leads to an improved sense of self-esteem and raised expectations. The programme has been designed from the outset to fit into the Government’s Future in Mind initiative and have the widest possible appeal for children & young people experiencing normal ranges of developmental, social and environmental issues. Everyday examples of these issues that we would all recognise include peer pressure, bullying, disengagement, lack of confidence or self-esteem and the need
for enhanced problem-solving skills. For all learners, the programme helps the improvement of interpersonal, communications and problem-solving skills & encourages the development of self-awareness. For teaching staff, the Mindmagic programme results in a learner population that is engaged, motivated and working towards positive outcomes. Behavioural improvements and re-engagement with peers, staff and the curriculum benefit the learning environment significantly. For the school, the programme assists the Head Teacher, Senior Staff and the Governors to reduce the negatives, such as absenteeism, complaints and disciplinary actions, and to improve the positives including the 
achievement of targets and the school’s overall reputation.

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